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Fiberglass Blown-in

We use top quality materials from Certainteed and Owens Corning. Blown-in insulation provides a monolithic seal in the attic area that prevents air movement from the attic area to the living area.

Fiberglass Batts

Using fiberglass batts in the exterior walls is a long time method of insulating walls. It can come in a varierty of R-values. R11, R13, R15, R19. The R-value typically is based upon the thickness of the wall. You always want to completely fill the cavity to avoid any mold & mildew issues.



Cellulose Blown-in

Made from recycled newspaper with a boric acid additive to act as a flame retardent, mold & mildew preventant and a pest control. Boric acid is completely human and pet safe. Some companies use other additives that can offgas or stain surfaces. Make sure the product you select is boric acid based..

Spray Foam-Open Cell & Closed Cell

The far superior way to insulate a structure over conventional fiberglass batt & blown-in. Each type has different applications. Please ask us to tell you the differences..