Closet Shelving

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Ventilated Shelving

Comes in a wide variety if widths such as 9",12",16". It also has main styles such as Slide and Rail (S&R), Linen (LN), Superslide (SS), Totalslide (TS), Freeslide (FS). These are the most common that are found in typical closets. They can be figured in simple wall to wall units or more complex suite units.

Laminate Wood Systems

Laminate wood systems offer the custom look that can make the closet pop. Usually customized to homeowners desires & dreams. Vary thicknesses and colors are available depending on manufacturing company. The types available are Floor Based, Suspended, Floor & Suspended and Islands.


Floor Based Systems

Our floor based systems come with a  4 1/2" toe kick (including the bottom shelf) and the fixed bottom shelf has a top hole for tightening the cam. This hole is then covered with a color-matched spot which is included. Our cleat system attaches the panels to the wall and there are several crown and base molding options available.

Suspended Systems

Our suspended system can either be a rail or cleat based system. Vertical panels are radiused and adjustable shelves can be fully flexible with a spoon pin or semi-secured with our pin-in-place design.

Floor & Suspended Systems

Floor based systems and suspended systems - also called combination systems - can be mixed for maximum flexibility. Hutch sections (22" to 24" deep) provide for more drawer and decorative space.


Islands are suggested in walk in closets that have sufficient clearance. Islands may contain drawers, baskets, hampers and/or shelves. The counter top provides room for folding clothes or packing. Many dealers will provide a solid surface countertop matching the customer's bathroom cabinetry for added consistency.


Products & Construction Methods

We offer three construction methods to meet all needs. Floor based or suspended or mixed, we have the solution.

Rail Suspended System

Based on a metal wall rail, secured to the studs and covered with a white plastic cover, this system is very popular for suspended projects. The vertical panels accommodate an engineered wall mounting bracket that attaches to the panel and clips over the rail. Horizontal and vertical adjustment screws make for a perfectly square result. This system also is convenient for a single installer to work with.

Cleat Suspended System

Good for applications where you may have uneven walls. Our cleat floor and wall system positions a 5” wide horizontal melamine cleat between the vertical panels. The cleat is secured to the wall with a countersunk screw and wood dowels or mini-fix cams secure the cleat to the vertical panels after you true the system.

Cleat and Rail System

A combination of the suspended rail and cleat method, this system is suspended by the rail (in wall mount applications) with a cleat placed between the sections, at the bottom of the verticals for additional stability.  If used in a floor mount situation a cleat will be placed at the top and bottom of the section.  The cleats are secured with standard cams.